Patch Intex Pool Without Draining

Can I patch an Intex pool with water in it?

We get this question a lot:  Can you patch an Intex pool without draining it?  The quick and easy answer is yes and it’s quite easy to do.

Our Pool Patching Experience

We had one hole about the size of a big toe.  I’m guessing one of the kids jumped in and the toe went through.  We noticed the water level was going down about a half inch overnight.  I put on my goggles and started investigating.  I thought for sure our summer fun was about to end.

Initially we tried an adhesive patch I picked up at our local hardware store.  This slowed it down for a while but came off within a few days.

Pool Liner Repair Kit

That’s when we moved up to a vinyl pool liner repair kit.  Pool patch kit

This kit from Amazon comes with enough material to fix several holes and worked well for us.

The steps were really easy.  You cut your own size and shape.  I cut mine about 3” in diameter.  That way I had about an inch all the way around the hole that was glued.  Apply the adhesive.  Then stick it over the hole and voila you are done in 5 minutes.

Here are a few tricks to help it last longer:

  • Clean around the hole so there’s a nice clean surface to glue to.
  • Cut the patch in the shape of a circle if possible. That way the corners won’t get caught and pulled up.
  • Apply the glue to the patch and fold it over. Kind of like you are sticking it together.  Then when you get to the bottom of the pool to apply the patch, unfold it and stick it on removing any air or water bubbles.

It’s really simple and works well.  Our patch lasted a couple seasons until we upgraded our pool.  There you have it patch Intex pool without draining!

Swim on!

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