Intex EasySet

Intex EasySet pools.   Easy setup.

Intex EasySet Image

Have a space in the back yard?  Be a hero to your kids or grand kids.  Get an Intex EasySet for hours of fun and entertainment.  These pools are easy to setup and maintain at a fraction of the cost.  Need more info?  Check out our post on what to put under an intex pool.

We also recommend a pump if your Intex pool package doesn’t come with one.  This makes maintenance even easier by circulating and filtering the water.

Intex Easy Set Pool 10ft

Intex Easy Set pool 10 foot diameter is one of the more popular sizes. It holds a little over 1000 gallons of water.  If you have a level spot, setup takes under an hour. The easiest even if you don’t know anything about owning a swimming pool. I would add a floating chlorine dispenser at a minimum. These hold those 3 inch chlorine tablets and slowly dissipate while bobbing around the pool. Just like that you have backyard swimming fun.


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