Intex Pool Cover or an Intex Solar Pool Cover?

Intex Pool Cover or an Intex Solar Pool Cover?

When talking about a cover for your Intex pool there are a couple of options.
A regular Intex pool cover or an Intex solar pool cover. Both do a great job of keeping heat in at night. That’s important if you live in a climate where its hot during the day but cools down in the evening. You want to keep that precious heat in there!

Intex Solar Pool Cover

These covers sit right on the surface of the water when you’re not in it. They have small air pockets like bubble wrap. But don’t pop them! They work with the sun and raise the temperature of your pool water. No more blue lips on the kids.

However, if you live in a hot climate and don’t need to raise the temperature, then the standard cover is all you need.

Standard Intex Pool Cover

The standard cover fits snugly over the top of the pool. There is a rope that keeps it from blowing off in windy conditions. Because this cover sits above the rim, Some people will use both as this will do a better job of keeping items out of your clean pool water. There are also convenient drain holes to prevent any rain water build-up on top of the cover.

Both covers also keep the heat in as mentioned before as well as dirt and debris (like leaves) out. As a bonus they help prevent evaporation which equates to using less chemicals.  Using a cover helps you save resources and heat while keeping cleaning and maintenance down.  A no-brainer in my book!

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